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Since November 2007, Flavor Cake and Pastry has been proudly serving its clients. This quaint pastry shop is owned and operated by Chef Kidist Assefa and her family.

Chef Kidist began her culinary career while working for Palais Du Chocolate, a French pastry shop in Washington, DC. After perfecting her skills in pastry art and decorative desserts, she decided to pursue a degree in Professional Baking and Pastry at Baltimore International College. Kidist graduated in 1999 and accepted an externship in Ireland. After gaining an invaluable experience in Ireland, Kidist returned to the States and accepted a position as a Pastry Sous Chef at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Tyson’s Corner. At Ritz-Carlton, Chef Kidist worked for four years under the renowned Executive Pastry Chef Fred Ortega, whom she considers her mentor and a major contributor to her success today. In 2006, Chef Kidist and her family took the first step towards realizing their dream of owning their own business by opening Bethesaida Pastry Shop in Bethesda, Maryland. After a couple of years, they relocated their business to Falls Church, Virginia under a new name - Flavor Cake and Pastry.

Whether you are looking for your memorable wedding cake, an unforgettable birthday cake, or delightful cake to fill your cravings; Chef Kidist and her professional team will be more than happy to create it for you.

The Chef

Chef Kidist Assafa.

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